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Famous Pisces Quotes: Spike Lee, Adam Levine, Queen Latifah.


Famous Leo Quotes: JK Rowling, Madonna, Barack Obama

Are you a powerful Leo?

TransGen Y: Millennials are increasingly aware of, accepting of, and advocating for Transgender rights. .



(Facebook now offers custom gender options in their settings page, designed to include a variety of gender identities.)

Millennials are the most tolerant and diverse generation, as well as dedicated to implementing social change. They came of age during the fight for gay rights and…


Zodiac Pisces Facts — You don’t really want to piss a Pisces off… they’ll know just how to get under your skin.

Don’t make me mad…

White Male "Allies" Have Surprisingly Little To Say About Fixing Sexist Tech Culture.

What happens when the status quo tries to advice “the other” how not to be “the other”.

Missing, of course, were any women to field the questions the men so gingerly talked around. The panelists exhibited little genuine sense of self-awareness, and while the men said existing tech culture needs to change, they offered only stale encouragement, and had little to say about any of the repercussions women and other outsiders can face when they do “speak up” or “tell people their story” or “lean in.”

Basically - ladies, be more like the white man.


Zodiac Files: Things A Pisces Might Say.



Low-energy LED invention wins Nobel prize for Physics

About 20% of the world’s electricity is used for lighting. Switching to LED lighting could reduce this to 4 percent, say some scientists.

“ Popular is not the same as important, or often, not the same as good. ”

—    Seth Godin on The problem with hit radio (via misterjt)

(via misterjt)

“ Feminism is a reaction against the prevailing culture. It is a critique that exposes the prevailing culture as patriarchal, enshrining male privilege and male supremacy. This male privilege is pervasive throughout the culture — in art, popular culture, media, religion, law, economics, politics and civil society. ”